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Tara's Journey
Our Journey May Be Long, But Not Alone... 
Join Us In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

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The definition of “Survivor” 

To remain alive, to carry on despite hardships or trauma, one who lives through affliction and a person who continues to function in spite of opposition.

Wow…that is a perfect description of what I have seen from these amazing people affected by this disease, sounds like these are the people we should be looking up too. At dinner one night Tara reminded me that we only have two ways to live, she said “we can live our lives as negative and miserable people because I have cancer or we can have a positive impact on everyone we meet”…she said I choose to be positive.

I love her for that...so bring on the pink ribbons, walking
miles for a cure, fundraisers with friends and the entire month of October. This is how we celebrate “Survivors” like Tara; we will never stop raising the awareness to prevent others from having to go through this…

This website was started to show the world how someone can live there life gracefully in a positive light while having breast cancer, it's not all good...but we will make the best of everything we have have!

For three years now Tara and I have maintained a CaringBridge updating site, our many supporters followed along faithfully each week wondering how Tara and I was doing.
Our supporters visited that site 26,000 times in two years, thank you for that. This site is not meant to replace that site, it is meant as a continuation of the Caringbridge site!


If you would like to donate to our fight against breast cancer please click the Paypal button and your donation will be used to keep Tara's Journey moving in a positive direction, donations can be made with credit card or bank transfer.

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